I had a rewarding career with a utility company where I developed, implemented and managed the energy and water conservation services and programs, which received many awards and met government regulatory goals.

Because of my interest in new technology and visionary ideas, when my friend shared information about Richway's BioMat, I was very interested in experiencing this technology.

In 2005, after lying on the Amethyst Professional Biomat and Pillow for 15 minutes, I experienced a burst of energy and the detoxifying effect from the Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions.

Because of this sense of well-being experience, I thought of my aging Labrador Retriever, Chad (14 years old at the time), who had arthritis. I originally bought the Amethyst Professional BioMat and Alkal-Life Water Ionizer for my loving Chad.

Chad loved the BioMat and lapped up the water from the Alkal-Life. Within 2 weeks, he was moving around much easier and eating again. Chad's experience convinced me that the claims of the BioMat were valid. As Chad continued to improve and the results were more than expected, I began to share with my friends and family about Chad's experience.

As Chad benefited, I realized that I needed the same benefits. I sleep with the Amethyst Professional BioMat, pillow and Amethyst Comforter and drink the Alkal-Life water every day. When I travel, the Mini BioMat and the Alkal-Flask goes come too. My health and my BioMat business are both thriving.