I am a licensed massage therapist in the State of Florida (MA7670/MM3994) and have practiced massage since 1987. Being certified with NCTMB and a Sports Massage Therapist, in 1991, I began creating RNRTM in a quest to find the "perfect massage" and began teaching this method in 1994.

In 2002, I had a serious injury to my back while at the gym. As a joke, an acquaintance held a back machine while I was doing my workout. Three (3) bulging discs and one (1) herniated disc later, I was in extreme pain. Most of my friends encouraged me to have surgery; however, I knew there was the technology out there that would help me heal myself.

Although I was getting better with lots of alternative and complementary healing, the process was slow. In September of 2005, my friend, Mary Anne asked me to experience the BioMat. After lying on a Professional BioMat with the Pillow for only 20 minutes, I noticed a definite change. Four days later I purchased one for my massage table and have not looked back since.

My back improved, my health improved and overall I am much happier with a sense of well being.

My goal is to stay healthy, vibrant and youthful for as long as possible, so that I may continue to teach and have a full time practice in massage for as many years as possible. I consider the BioMat and the Alka-Life part of my wellness package.

I am married to Howard Freeman since 1967, and am a proud parent of 2 daughters. Since 1994, Carolyne has been working in real estate with her Dad and now has a beautiful daughter named Bella. Our younger daughter Bonnie died of leukemia in 1983 at the age of 12.

I have lectured to many different groups throughout the country in regards to stress management, death and living, exercise and stretching, juggling and fun. Teaching RNRTM is a passion and I love sharing this wonderful, effective technique with others. In 1999, I published, Pathways on a Journey, a book about life. I believe people have the choice to live pain free. RNRTM helps many people reclaim their life. My philosophy toward life is "Wellness is the key for being happy."