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Direct Quotes from The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees, Thermotherapy in the New Century

We have bulleted some direct quotes from Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., who wrote the book. Living in Japan, he was the former director of Yokohama General Hospital and is currently the Nakamachi Garden Clinic Director.
  • "...For many years, we have practiced and researched far infrared ray therapy, light therapy, anion emission devices, low frequency wave therapy, HIFU, microwave therapy, hot stone therapy, steam saunas, carbonated water therapy and many other treatment options."
  • "During the process, we discovered a medical device called the Bio-Mat that has been certified by the USFDA. It combines the thermopower of Amethyst and Tourmaline to naturally improve the therapeutic power. In addition, it is inexpensive and can also be used every day."
  • "There are no side effects and anyone can improve their autonomic nervous system by 100% and feel the difference starting from the day they use it. There was a case that cured prostate and breast cancer within 2 to 3 months. A patient who had been given just a few months to live ended up living for more than one year."
  • "If we are able to utilize various weapons to fight late-stage cancer, all we need to do is end the fight with a draw. However, since this fight will last for a long period of time, we might lose if we fail to maintain good eating habits and life styles."
  • "If we can maintain quality of life while improving the immune system, we might have a chance at winning the battle with cancer. We do not always have to be hospitalized and put in bed to fight cancer. There are people who work at home to fight their cancers."
  • Additionally, Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu understands the importance of laughter and hope, which is also a big part of the environment at the Nakamachi Garden Clinic."
  • "Of course, Dr. Yoshimizu does not claim that thermotherapy is a stand-alone cure-all for cancer, but it is a viable option to include in a treatment plan."
  • "In other words, we are utilizing the advantages of modern medicine along with alternative medicines."
  • "Even though there were some cases where tumor masses shrank following thermotherapy alone, its effects are maximized when combined with other treatment options."
  • "We also know that when we combine thermotherapy with radiation and chemotherapy, it shows synergistic effects and allows us to reduce the chemotherapy doses."
  • "We wish to expand our integrated treatment method through our hot gemstone therapy. The fight against cancer does not end with the three standard treatment options."
  • "It is valid to say that we have options, I am certain that thermotherapy will be helpful to everyone."
  • "I hope that this book will help cancer patients, their families and doctors who are fighting to cure this disease. I hope that the phrase cancer refugees will no longer be used in the future."
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