Be An Independent Sales Associate (ISA)

When sharing the wonderful technology of the Biomat and other Richway products with family, friends, colleagues and clients you may wish to join the Richway business as an Independent Sales Associate (ISA).

Your Sponsor will assist you in filling out the Independent Sales Associate Agreement and obtaining an RI (Richway Invoice) number needed on the form and to submit the application and registration payment of $80 to Richway. The $80 fee is a one-time, life-time registration fee. If you are inactive for a year, reregistration is required online to update status and information. It is important that you read and understand the agreement and the compensation plan. You must personally sign the agreement using ink. (No electronic signature) and Fax the signed agreement to Richway.

Upon completion of registering as an ISA, Richway will send you a free Distributor Kit which will help you jumpstart your business.

Contact us for more information regarding the compensation plan and any questions you may have after reading the ISA agreement. We will help you fill out the form.

You have a full support system and team dedicated to your success!