What are the Benefits and Uses of DETOXi?
  • For maximum results when using the BioMat, take 1 teaspoon before Heat Therapy or 30 minutes before a meal up to 3 times per day with at least 8 oz of alkaline water.
  • Maintains the balance of minerals and nutrients in the body.
  • Maintains the balance of various activities in the body.
  • Maintains the balance of pH value in the body.
  • Has a wonderful beautifying effect on the skin. (Wash your face and body to produce a skin-softening effect)
  • Can kill bacteria. (Most acne issues are caused by bacteria)
  • Can replace regular table salt, because it contains various minerals that are naturally beneficial to health.
  • Good salt is essential to maintain life.

See the DETOXi Flyer for more information.

How is DETOXi Produced?

Features of DETOXi Ionized Salt

Toxins within pure salt are eliminated when heated 9 times for 20 hours at 3000 degrees F, changing it into ionized salt. DETOXi salt contains numerous essential minerals and micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium and potassium. DETOXi helps greatly in balancing and maintaining body energy levels. DETOXi salt absorbs and stores a vast amount of energy during the high heating and fast cooling process.

DETOXi salt prevents dehydration during thermotherapy by increasing the reverse osmosis pressure of the kidneys and assisting in discharging toxins through sweat and urine. In addition, the necessary salinity of the human body is naturally adjusted, making sure that abundant amounts of electrolytes remain within the body.

DETOXi may be purchased in 1 month or 3 month packages.

Instructions for use may be found in the DETOXi Salt flyer in the ABOUT section